Cumberland Farm Survey

In 1945 the Cumberland farm cows were making more than 1000 fresh milk quarts every single day. The dawa gas station that also provide the customers with mywawavisit survey has also started a dairy farm , so it is a common path for US dairy farms to turn out to be a gas station . First in the year of 1957 Cumberland farm converted itself from a dairy farm to a convenience store to serve the customers properly . In the present day the Cumberland farm operates as a convenience store and gas station chain with over 1000 stores in the new the area of new England.

The most amazing matter about this Cumberland farm is that amazingly it is owned by family and it’s operated by them . Thus , the survey is created online by them to know the taste and preferences of the customers. There needs and demands so that the company can work accordingly. The feedback of the customers are really nessesary to know the perspectives , various lackings to improve those for the betterment of the farm . Moreover the customers get a chance to share there experience by the online survey.

Steps to Enter Cumberland Farm Survey on Making Purchase

  1. The user firstly needs to make a purchase at the farm of the Cumberland farm location .
  2. The receipt on the purchase should be kept properly as it is important until the user is online via a computer, smartphone or tablet.
  3. Then the user have to go online through the official link of the website of the Cumberland farm survey .
  4. Now the user have an entry in the monthly sweepstakes.

Steps to Enter Cumberland Farm Survey Without Making any Purchase

  1. The user first have to visit a Cumberland farm and then the user have to request for a paper survey.
  2. Then the user needs to follow the instructions in the paper as per written for the survey, and then the user have to mail in for the entry to be received.

After the completion of the survey the users are even provided with gifts . According to the Cumberland farm survey prizes there are 58 monthly drawings total with 1 prize which is awarded in each drawing . Moreover the user can have a $100 as a gift card . This survey helps the company for its spontaneous growth and improvement by this survey.

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Cumberland Farm Survey
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