Indigo Feedback Survey

Indigo is the largest toy and book and gift store in Canada. Moreover precisely speaking indigo is the only book store for retail in Canada. In the US it has been stopped due to monopoly. In 2018 the company has passed over a $1 billion in an whole anum . More specially it has an extraordinary growth in the field where people read books from online vigorously, still it’s growth is quite healthy . It relies on the personal visit of the customers for buying the product. It is a type of company which tries to avoid any type of child labour and even shows a proper concern about social welfare .

The one who enters to do the survey can win a $500 gift card . There is no competition for the survey but doing it helps the company a lot improve itself . By the customers feedback they can improve themselves for their betterment . The most fun fact that could be noticed is that every single indigo and chapters store has a starbucks in the store , except the indigo spirit and Coleā€™s store . The customer feedback always helps the company to improve The services towards the customers. The customers shares there experience and visit to the store along with there likes and dislikes. Ā By the feedback of the customers , the proper discipline , orderly word , and many other systems cause the improvement of the company to reach it to it’s greatest highest . The company has gained a lot success . It has a huge success of $1billion in an annum.

In the survey there are a few questionnaires that should be answered properly for an honest survey. These answers are a lot valuable part of information in the survey.

Regulations to enter Indigo Feedback Survey

  • The user who is attempting for the survey doesn’t need to purchase for entering in the survey. Purchase is not mandatory.
  • The user must be a legal Canadian resident .
  • At the time of entry the user needs to be 18 or older than that .
  • No employees or affiliation with the company or the sponsor are eligible.

By following these rules and regulations the user is able to enter the survey of indigo feedback survey. The process of doing the indigo feedback survey is described under .

How to do the Ā Indigo Feedback Survey ?

  • The user needs to go to the indigo books location.
  • Then one have to be online to the link of the indigo feedback survey.
  • Then the user needs to select the location one have visited in the search bar to start the survey.
  • After that the user needs to answer all the questions.

Conclusion on

By the information from them the taste and preferences of the customers comes into the view which helps the improvement of the company in a long run . The stores follow proper rules and regulations. In fact the workers working there are needed to follow such rules so that everything remains systematic . Even there are people appointed to look at the vendors whether they are following the rules and regulations or not . By this way everything is very proper and orderly . After entering the survey the user will even get the free prizes of an $500 .

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