In nova Scotia sobeys was first started by John Williams in the year of 1907 . In the first it was just a small meat delivery business . Then he used to deliver the meat by a horse cart as then more advanced methods were not possible. As an entrepreneur he used to pick up meats using his horse drawn cart and then deliver those meat by that horse drawn cart.

As an advancement in the business in 1924 sobeyā€™s 16 year old son , Frank, had convinced his dad to expand the business and start selling a full line of grocery items along with veggies . Finay in 1939 his business expanded in a huge amount , he then owned a multiple grocery store which we see at today’s. In few days that grew into a supermarket giant.

Currently the sobeys had more than 1500 store throughout the whole of Canada and precisely speaking it is the second largest food store in the whole of Canada.

Thus , sobeys started a survey for the customers to know their taste and preferences, likes , dislikes, wants , demands , the experience in visiting the stores. By this survey the lackings of the stores are openly revealed by the customers to the heads of the stores for the improvement and the betterment of the business which really helps even in expanding the business in a long run . The survey is really an important part for providing the customers with better services . And even on completing the survey the customers are able to win the free gifts that also encourages and enhances the customers to do the survey.

Steps to perform Survey of the on purchase

  1. The user of the survey the user needs to buy any item at the sobeys store .
  2. The user needs to keep the receipt of the purchase that is needed for the survey .
  3. Then the user needs to be online on the official website of the sobeys and click on the prefered link for the survey.
  4. Then the user needs to answer all the questions honestly and genuinely for an honest survey.
  5. After that it is the great job and the user enters in the sweepstakes.

Steps to do the Survey of without making a purchase

The user needs to do a call at 1-866-215-9006 to enter by phone without making an purchase.

Or, the person who wants to enter the survey without making any purchase can ask the in-store associate for help in entering the survey without any purchase.

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