The McDonald’s provides an opportunity for the customers to share their views and experience regarding the visit in the store . The mcdvoice does not discriminate any of the customers for the survey. All are allowed to take over the survey and share their experience about it. McDonald’s first started with selling hot dogs on the side of a road. The price was only 5 cents each after adding orange juice and burger. Later they came up with the idea of a storefront to start up with their business. They started their store with about 25 menus in the list.Ā  Nowadays in the present McDonald’s is the largest restaurant chain in the world. It continued to grow with an exceeding success. The reason behind such an growth is the feedback of the customers. The suggestion and needs and preferences enlisted in the survey helped the McDonald’s to improve their services towards the customers. The customers who are really interested in taking up the survey they can do it through the website of www.mcdvoice.com. After the survey the users are provided with free gifts that can be taken by the coupon code that is provided to the users while taking the survey.

Steps to get in www.mcdonalds.ca Survey

  • The customer interested for the survey should go to the official website of mcdvoice , mcdvoice.com .
  • On going to the website the customer should have the receipt which has already been received after visiting a McDonald’s store . The code in the receipt should be put correctly in a proper order in the correct place .
  • If the user of the survey doesn’t have the survey code with him then one needs to click on the link on the right of the mcdvoice main page .
  • Then after that the customer can start the survey by entering the store and so on from the right corner of the receipt.
  • Then the user needs to provide the date , time and visit to the store .
  • After providing this information the order placed comes red lined . Enter in the fifth field as required.
  • Then after that the user needs to put the amount spent in the exact numbers , to start over the survey.
  • On finishing these informations the user needs to press the start button to start the survey.
  • The survey the user needs to answer a few questions and those needs to be answered properly.

On coming to the end of the survey the user will get the McDonald’s coupon code as it’s given for the users who attempts for the survey . Make sure the user writes the coupon code before closing www.mcdvoice.com. It cannot be recovered again if one closes it before noting the code .

After all these the user can use the receipt with the validation code . On the next visit to the store on presenting the receipt with the validation code the user will simply get the reward . Before making the order the customer should inform the cashier about the usage of the coupon .

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